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The Sales Pathway Protocol

Do you ever have trouble getting your sales teams to make the prospecting calls you need them to make. Yes? i`m sure you do because everyone does… its probably because you are using outdated data and they see it as cold calling, well guess what they are cold calling… and there is nothing wrong with that providing you give them the correct tools to do the job.

think about these questions for a moment.

are your sales team working from a script? is it an excellent script or is it a generic script that has been passed around for years? has it been updated to work with the modern consumer? When you actually look at the big picture 99% of scripts are bad…. and a poorly written script will leave your sales team vulnerable to failure…

  • Has a prospect ever shut you down before you had a chance to ask a single qualifying question, you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If the words didn’t flow with perfect timing you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If a prospect wasn’t excited after the first 8 seconds and wasn’t begging to hear every detail of your offer, you were definitely working off a bad script.

If the scripts that you are using have sounded a bit dry and stale, almost like your stumbling over the words, it’s because no one has ever taught you the correct use of tonality and body language. and as a result you may have found it difficult to build rapport. Did you know that only 9% of human communication is words. The other 91% is tonality and body language. we need to communicate on an emotive level with our consumers.

we are going to teach you exactly how to deliver the perfect script with dynamite results.. you cant just read it over the phone you know… you have to read it in a specific way.

that is where the Pathway Protocol comes in, We’ll examine each part – The Open, The Body, The Close and The Rebuttal – using a full demo script. and show you how we can keep our prospects on the pathway to the yes zone.

Imagine the Pathway protocol as you are standing at the end of a road. at the other end of the road is the Yes zone. and we need to get our prospects to it, as you walk along this road together we have to keep them on track,  on one side of the road is their limited buying beliefs and on the other side is their objections, if they stray too far from the path they will end up on the wrong side of these lines and we will lose them, but keep them in the center with you and bingo… we can get them to the yes zone.

we are going to teach you how to do it.

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