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Are some of your sales team struggling to feel confident with their new or existing sales job? it is possible that after a tough month or two that the team maybe feeling low and not in the best frame of mind, it is because of this that things continue to get worse… we need to stop these thoughts in their tracks, and a simple shifting of your sales teams mindset can have a huge impact on their success.

Whether they are just getting starting or have been in sales for years, sometimes it’s hard to feel confident when walking into a room or getting on the phone for a sales call. The good news is there are simple things you can do to create a positive experience and generate positive outcomes no matter how the sale itself turns out.

Transforming a negative sales experience into a valuable learning lesson is an important state of mind that can propel you forward when things don’t go exactly as they had hoped.

By tapping in at an emotive level we can help them to make the mind shift to a positive, can do attitude. we want to give your sales team the:-

Four Aspects of a Superior Sales Mindset

1) Top salespeople are driven, motivated, and have a get-it-done attitude.  This is perhaps the most important and most obvious part of a top salesperson’s mindset. Top salespeople have a no-excuses attitude and you won’t find them standing around complaining and coming up with reasons as to why they aren’t making sales. They find ways around any and all roadblocks and are relentless in their pursuit of success. Top salespeople know that they simply must get the job done, no matter what, and they are determined that nothing will get in their way. They will pay any price to be successful.

Top salespeople are self-starters and they see themselves as self-employed. They don’t wait for others to get started, they don’t need someone looking over their shoulder, or telling them what to do. Top salespeople are anxious to get to work and make things happen. They have a gun-to-the-head mentality and a sense of urgency.

Top salespeople know why they are doing what they are doing. They have reasons that drive them. They know why they need to make the sale and why they need to be successful. Whether it’s that dream holiday they’re going to take, that car they want, or something they want to give their kids, top salespeople have goals and dreams that lead to a strong inner drive.


2) Top salespeople have an ability to focus on what’s important.  Top salespeople have an ability to always get the most important tasks done. They realize that the only activities that ultimately pay them are prospecting, presenting, and closing. They don’t disregard the other items that need to get done, but they never let them come before, or keep them from the actions that lead directly to sales and success.

Here are some key questions that top salespeople ask themselves that lead to getting the most important tasks done: What will I do today to build my customer base and be successful? Is what I’m doing right now the best use of my time? What did I do today to build customer base?


3) Top salespeople take 100% responsibility.   The top salespeople take 100% responsibility for everything in their lives from health, to relationships, to business. They realize that success in all areas of their lives is up to them and not determined by outside factors such as the economy, the market, or other people. Everything starts and stops with them.

This attitude of complete responsibility leads to more control over their life, higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and ultimately more happiness and success.

4) Top salespeople have a strong belief system.  Top salespeople have complete and total belief in themselves and their ability to sell. They also have a strong belief in their product and their company. The people they talk to can sense this complete belief and conviction and it wins them over.

Top salespeople truly believe that others must have their product and they believe that their customers’ lives are much improved as a result of owning their product.

Top salespeople know that the first sale is to yourself. You have to have complete belief and conviction in yourself and your product before you can sell anyone else.

So there you have the four key aspects of the top salesperson’s superior mindset. Your mindset is the most important determinant of success or failure in business and in life. To increase sales and be more successful, work on and get better in these four key areas

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Four Aspects of a Superior Sales Mindset by John Chapin